What is 7th Cafe Food Menu

Excellent food quality, quick service and reasonable prices – these are the basic principles of 7th Cafe chain. Pizzeria 7th Cafe is a unique atmosphere of a dynamic modern metropolis, and everyone can feel it visiting this restaurant!

7th Cafe Holiday Hours

A slogan of the 7th Cafe is “Best ingredients. Best Meal”. This is a secret of success of pizzerias 7th Cafe – the quality of products. The basis for each traditional pizza is prepared with fresh hand-made dough. They never freeze a dough and regularly supply their restaurants with it. The 7th Cafe uses the highest quality ingredients: freshly made tomato sauce of ripe tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and other high quality products.

7th Cafe is a good choice to celebrate some holiday. It’s tasty, fast, and not expensive. However, note, that on some holidays restaurant is closed, for example on Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day.


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